In need of a quick vacay? Have a week to kill? Really ready to get away from it all? Great! Make the most out of any trip-length, by putting some brainpower into your trip before you go. Then, when the plane’s wheels touch down, you can hit the ground running and start off your vacation right.

1-Week Trip: Make Time Stop

A weeklong vacation is perfect amount of time to balance the yin-and-yang of two contrasting vacation mantras: relax or see it all.

  • As you plan your weeklong outing, keep in mind that you should take activity and downtime in equal parts to sustain seven days worth of adventures.
  • If you’re traveling with your family or friends, let everyone pick a daily activity. That means you could hit up a ballpark, see the ocean blue, or catch a live performance during the span of a single trip. And in doing this, you’re likely to get a well-rounded view of a destination.
  • Get to know the city. Staying in one place for a week allows for you to do some exploring. Venture out of your hotel to discover new neighborhoods or areas where cultural diversities distinguish them and help you to gain a nice view of a place.